Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello Modern Quiltin' Ladies!

We now have an outlet to post our completed blocks, inspiration, coorespondence and other general fun things in the world of modern quilting.

Here are our 12 participants:

1. Sarah Seitz (host) -
2. Ruth -
3. Wanda - fabriclover2009 (Flikr)

I had fun snooping around some of our Flikr accounts and blogs and created this mosiac from some of our posted photos. So much fun! There is a ton of talent in this group!

1. DSC_1716, 2. joseph's coat, 3. november 7 2009 393, 4. IMG_3409, 5. DSC_1747, 6. SKAH giraffe block for Hanies, 7. BTRS Quilt - front, 8. KI 010, 9. Back of Wonky Horse, 10. original owl quilt top, 11. tetheredthreads1, 12. SC3 Block for Cam11, 13. Single Girl (baby) Quilt, 14. November Bee Balm Block, 15. Scrappy, 16. i spy, 17. IMG_3389, 18. DSC01331, 19. SC3 for OhThatAshley #1, 20. november 7 2009 381, 21. Drunk Love Baby Quilt, 22. Baby Boy Quilt, 23. DSC00505, 24. Baby quilt for Emily, 25. Lainey's Quilt, 26. Hip, modern tree skirt, 27. Boo Complete, 28. "Flowers for a Friend", 29. Traditional Block, 30. november 7 2009 390

I will be adding you all as admins on this blog ASAP. Also, I'm going to start randomly choosing the order for the bee (who goes first, etc). Some of you have already done this, but could you please send me a private message on Flikr with your email address and your home address? Also, I'd love to get your full names (first and last) for shipping purposes.



  1. great job on the blog!! can you add my blog address?

  2. Thanks for setting up the blog Sarah, this is going to be great fun!!

  3. Hooray! I have a blog (inspired by you all)