Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is why I'm such good friends with my seam ripper...

"Yay, got all the 4x4 blocks finished... now to arrange them all"
"Perhaps I should go double check on the computer to make sure this is correct.  Meh, it's all the way across the room and I'm sure this is right."
*sew, iron, sew, iron*
"Hm... "
*goes to check the computer*

A bunch of seam ripping and resewing later, and we have this beauty all finished:  (Although the other way was kind of cool too.)

Beautiful block, Leanne!  I'll put it in the mail as soon as I figure out how much the postage needs to be.  :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giveaway to CSN Stores

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I've just posted a $50 giveaway to CSN stores over at my blog.

These guys sell practically EVERYTHING!! From headboards and shoes to cookware and baby toys…you can find almost anything you could possibly need or want at one of their online stores!

I'm also going to do a review on my blog in the upcoming months, so check it out!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Blocks

Well, here is our June block.  I know that this block has been kicking around the Bees for a little bit and I hope you haven't all made one already.  I fell in love with this block way back in September when I saw it on Red Pepper Quilts.  I am not sure there is anything on that blog that I don't like, to be honest.

This block ends up being about 16.5" so it is a big one.  Because of the size, you only have to make one.  I have sent out white background fabric and at least 50 different  coloured fabrics, giving you a little bit of choice in making the block.

The instructions for the block are relatively simple. 

The block itself is made up of 2 smaller blocks

[image from Red Pepper Quilts]

The smaller blocks are made up of 3" blocks used to make 2.5" half square triangles that land up being 2" finished sqaures.  They are then sewn together with either a white 2.5" block or a patterned 2.5" block, as you can see above.

In the end, these 4 patch blocks land up measuring 4.5" all together and they are arrange 4 across and 4 down just like the picture.  It takes 8 of each of the 2 smaller blocks to make up the big 16.5" block.

I have provided enough fabric so that you do not repeat the fabric in the big block (I think).  In other words, only use a fabric once.  If you could send back the teeny tiny other hst to me, that would be great - I'll use them on the back.

Thanks so much for making the blocks - I hope you like them.


PS - there are a ton of hst tutorials out there but if you can't find any, let me know and I'll post some links.